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Hardworking Texas lawyer also capably handles employment law issues for workers

When you are facing serious consequences, such as criminal charges or the loss of your job, you need an experienced and reliable attorney to represent your interests. At the Law Office of Roland Rivera in Lubbock, I represent clients in criminal defense and labor and employment law matters and strive to put together the strongest possible case. Whether you were arrested for DWI, have been accused of domestic violence, or you believe you were denied a job or promotion due to your race or other protected, I will analyze every detail of your case and provide a detailed overview of your best legal options.

Passionate advocate provides effective and sound representation to Texas residents

I understand how critical it is to have adequate representation when you’re dealing with a legal issue that jeopardizes your freedom or your ability to work. My firm takes on cases involving:

  • Criminal defense — I represent clients in a variety of criminal defense matters, including drug crimes, DUI/DWI, theft, domestic violence crimes, assault and battery and traffic violations. Whether it’s through an acquittal, reduction of charges, or plea deal, my goal is always to secure a favorable outcome. I am also prepared to help you pursue an expungement of your criminal records, depending on the eligibility of your crime.
  • Labor and employment law — Employees can lose out on promotions, pay increases and even lose their jobs if their employer engages in wrongful acts. I represent clients in all types of labor and employment law cases, including instances of alleged discrimination and wrongful termination. I also work with former employees on unemployment matters.

I understand the stakes and know how to identify weaknesses in the other side’s case. I am available to discuss your situation and will explain how I would seek a good result for you.

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At the Law Office of Roland Rivera, I represent clients throughout Texas in criminal defense and labor and employment law matters. Call 806-340-0606 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Lubbock office.  I do offer free consultations on criminal matters.